Sienna Bakery Mango Cheesecake

Inspired by a mango lassi smoothie, this trendy cheesecake is a menu stand out.

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We’re all about gettin’ cheesy with this Gordon Choice Instant Cheese Sauce! The sky is the limit with ways to use this saucy topper on your menu.
Cheers to a new year! What exciting things do you have planned at your restaurant in 2019? 🥂
Coffee, croissants, pastries, oh my! We have all your breakfast treats, and a way to style them too! Quick & easy breakfast boost: chia seeds with milk, yogurt, honey, and vanilla. Soaked overnight to make a pudding. Topped with fruit and granola for an extra crunch! Individual mango cheesecakes from our Sienna Bakery brand. For those times when dessert is just too good to share! Tabletops that inspire. Bring them into your restaurant with these beautiful & trendy table spreads. Sandwiches: the OG handheld.
These menu staples offer a prime opportunity for creative builds that your customers will want to sink their teeth into. These Sienna Bakery mini naan bread rounds are so versatile! Shown here as personalized flatbread pizzas with a little breakfast twist thrown in there. Fully customizable for your restaurant’s menu. There’s bread pudding, and then there’s Chocolate Stout Bread Pudding. Easy choice. We’re not afraid to turn it up a notch!
Find the full recipe at! From dumplings and wontons to dim sum and more: these Gordon Choice Asian Appetizers help make any hour a happy hour. Huevos El Rancho: take a twist on this morning dish with a brioche bun instead of a tortilla.
Gimme s’more! No need for a campfire to get this s’mores flavour. Take our Gordon Choice New York Style Cheesecake & add your s’mores ingredients to get this plus-one dessert on your menu!