Gordon Recipe

Manage Your Recipes, Maximize Your Profits

If you don’t know what your meals cost, you don’t know whether you’re making money or giving it away. Gordon Recipe will help you compare food costs to menu prices so you can make strategic decisions that boost your profitability. Available 24/7 via our online platforms, Gordon Recipe is offered exclusively to Gordon Food Service truck delivery customers.


Gordon Recipe’s Unique Features

  • Create, maintain and store your own recipes
  • Create; batch recipe and menu items recipe
  • Use batch recipe as an ingredients
  • Faster search functions 
  • Add NON-GFS ingredients and share those items in Inventory and Recipe
  • Copy recipe for quick recipe creation
  • Cost out recipes using real-time pricing information
  • Add pictures to recipe printouts to promote consistency
  • Add detailed preparation instructions for easy standardization. 
  • Integrated into Gordon Ordering to make your workflow simple.
Gordon Recipe Laptop