Stewardship at Gordon Food Service

In 1897, Gordon Food Service began as a butter and egg delivery business, working with local farmers to ensure a steady supply of quality products to grocers. This built a deep appreciation for the land and the people who grow the food that sustains us. It also built personal ties to the communities we worked in and served along the way—a family that includes everyone connected to the food and products we deliver.

We recognize the responsibility we have to care about the people we interact with and employ, as well as to protect the resources we use while conducting our business. This responsibility is call stewardship—a concept that describes our history, our culture and our future aspirations.  It’s integral to our business practices and the decisions we make impacting our customers, employees, vendors and the communities we serve.

Annual Stewardship Report

We’re committed to continuous improvement and responsible growth—learn more about our initiatives and progress in our 2017 Annual Stewardship Report.