Corporate Sustainability

Sustained financial performance allows us to serve our customers, provide jobs, pay taxes, and support communities today and in the future. The following objectives are paramount to the economic sustainability of Gordon Food Service and our ability to impact environmental and social initiatives.

Our ultimate purpose is to serve our customers. We are committed to providing the products, tools, and services necessary to help our customers succeed.

Organizational efficiency is central to the economic vitality of Gordon Food Service and ultimately allows us to achieve more with less. This requires a strategic balance of targeted technology and an incentive-driven workforce. Our organization is committed to controlling costs, improving productivity, and minimizing waste.

Gordon Food Service has been in the food business for over 100 years. Responsible growth is an explicit objective that balances aggressive sales growth with conservative financial management practices.

Gordon Food Service is committed to growing both today and in the future. We actively manage today's business by constantly measuring ourselves against targeted key performance metrics and the performance of our competitors. We protect business assets with effective risk management and by insisting on the highest standards of internal control and accountability. We pursue tomorrow's success via disciplined strategic and financial planning.

Gordon Food Service Annual Stewardship Report

Being a responsible steward is a top priority for Gordon Food Service, from the way we impact the planet we live on, to the people we employ, and the communities we live and work in. Gordon Food Service is committed to improvement and responsible growth, and we are excited to share our accomplishments, and areas we will continue to focus on.

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