Promote Social Responsibility

At Gordon Food Service, we seek to care for our people, customers, suppliers, and the communities we serve. We continue to invest in the welfare of these stakeholders by means of the following strategies:

Practice Servant Leadership. We are dedicated to building a workplace culture that recognizes the innate dignity of each individual and their need to be treated respectfully. Our mission is to serve our customers through the spirit and integrity of our people. In alignment with our corporate values, we are committed to conduct business ethically and responsibly.

We require compliance with workplace and transportation safety standards and provide ongoing training and meaningful incentives to ensure conformity. We offer a comprehensive benefits plan for our employees and their families. Healthy lifestyles are encouraged for all employees through a variety of wellness programs, such as health fairs, health screenings, flu shots, and incentives to participate in smoking cessation and weight loss programs.

Gordon Food Service advocates multiculturalism and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) through non-discriminatory employment practices and multiculturalism awareness training. Action plans are in place and actively reviewed to assure our workforce and supplier base reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. Our success is based on an inclusive environment which values the contribution of all of our stakeholders.

Fair trade practices are a key consideration in determining sources of supply. We seek vendor partnerships that promote fair trade principles.

We support the welfare of the communities we serve and maintain a legacy of charitable giving in many ways. Our people generously give of their own time by volunteering at local shelters, schools, churches, blood drives, and a variety of other charities. Corporately, we seek to help those in need in many different ways. For example, Gordon Food Service regularly donates product to various organizations, including local food pantries and street ministries. We view charitable giving as more than a necessary corporate responsibility. To us it is the most important way we demonstrate the principle of stewardship, and ultimately it is one of the primary purposes of our family business.

Gordon Food Service Annual Stewardship Report

Being a responsible steward is a top priority for Gordon Food Service, from the way we impact the planet we live on, to the people we employ, and the communities we live and work in. Gordon Food Service is committed to improvement and responsible growth, and we are excited to share our accomplishments, and areas we will continue to focus on.

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