You've got choices.
Why choose Gordon Food Service?

Here are a few things about us:


Go ahead, ask around. We have a really good one, and for good reason. We do what we say, and we stand-by our commitments to you.


We know your business depends on our business, and we take that seriously. And the best way to demonstrate how serious we are is to deliver on our promises.


We are good stewards to our people, our partners, our planet and our customers.

Recipe for success

We have the right tools, right products and right experts to help you reach your goals - from grand opening and beyond.


It’s not uncommon for our customers to rave (and we mean rave) about their customer representatives. They’ve been known to drop anything, roll-up their sleeves, and drive a single head of lettuce across town if the need arises.


We respect you and your business enough to treat you fairly - and conduct ourselves with honesty and transparency.


Here’s what our customers have to say about us:

"...the top reason that we do business with Gordon Food Service is the similar cultures that we have in our organizations. This idea that people matter, that we really value our relationships and we’re a relationship driven business.."

— Andy French, Aubrey’s Pizzeria and Grill

​"There’s a partnership, we believe, between our business and Gordon Food Service and they just happen to sell us food, it’s the rest of it that is important to us, it’s helping us grow our business.​"

— Andy French, Aubrey’s Pizzeria and Grill

"The top reasons I do business with Gordon Food Service—service is probably #1, I don’t have to worry about out of stocks, I don’t have to worry about getting nutritional information on the products I need, the pricing is fair, even better than prices I’ve seen elsewhere—it’s easy to order online, no hassles."

— Becky Ampt, IU Health, Morgan Hospital in Martinsville, IN

​​"I depend on Gordon Food Service for two weekly deliveries; prompt, on time, which I've never had a problem, they’re always there."​

— Candy Clemme, Catlin High School

​"If we get low on inventory and I don’t have an order coming in for two days, I have one within 40 miles of us and I can just drive down there and pick it up. Sometimes I call ahead and they have everything ready for me so I like having it there.​"

— Charlie Perkins, Route 40 Classic Diner

"What I love about Gordon Food Service are the people, the culture, the tenure of the employees, folks that understand the business, the industry, understand the needs of the restaurateur."

— Mike Cortino, Verbena Cafe