New Products Created to Inspire

To inspire your menu innovation, look to our latest collection of on-trend products and culinary concepts that satisfy customers, bolster your bottom line and hone your competitive edge.

These products offer versatility and cross-utilization opportunities that keep costs low while delivering on guest expectations.

Featured Products

With a clean, subtly sweet taste of the ocean and a buttery texture, this Tuna Poke delivers flavor, flexibility and value alongside a health halo.

Reorder Number: 1334696

Flash frozen to capture the flavour, each variety of Dim Sum delivers a world-class taste with a high filling-to-wrap ratio.

Reorder Number: 1328342

Deep fry the Samosa for best results (it’s par-fried) or bake it for a healthier take, and pair with raita or a tamarind chutney.

Reorder Number: 1328336

This spring roll makes a unique dessert when drizzled with strawberry sauce, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with sliced strawberries.

Reorder Number: 1328348

Full of filling and handcrafted, these Asian appetizers bring on-trend global flavour to your menu for minimal labour.

Reorder Number: 1328338

Steam and garnish these potstickers with green onions and sesame seeds, serve with a sesame oil and soy dipping sauce.

Reorder Number: 1328339

Great as an appetizer or a shared plate, this delicious handcrafted dim sum adds a punch of flavour to your menu.

Reorder Number: 1328345

Steam this and the other dim sums in a bamboo steamer and present them that way for a traditional tableside experience.

Reorder Number: 1328359

Combine several of our new dim sums to serve as an appetizer or sharing plate. Complement the flavors with soy sauce, ponzu and rice wine vinegar dips.

Reorder Number: 1328361

Combining chard, arugula, parsley, dill and cilantro, this vibrant mix answers customers’ requests for healthier, more flavorful salad options.

Reorder Number: 1330839

Peppery arugula is balanced with notes of lemon, making for an elegant, textural blend your customers will enjoy.

Reorder Number: 1329860

A sweet approach to the mashup trend, this individually-portioned cheesecake features a chocolate crust, lavender-infused icing and blueberry cheesecake centre.

Reorder Number: 1329282

Each bite of this 12” uncut tart is generously dotted with pecans and chocolate accents for a rich, complex and delicious flavour experience.

Reorder Number: 1329287

This mashup combines two of the most sought-after desserts in one pre-sliced 12" delight—smooth, creamy cheesecake and sweet, spicy carrot cake.

Reorder Number: 1329289

Offer your customers an artisan Italian taste and long shelf-life, without the labour or skillset of a baker.

Reorder Number: 1335441

This rustic Italian flatbread is great for handhelds and bringing differentiation to your menu.

Reorder Number: 1336560

Deliver fresh bakery appeal without having to worry about these croissants going stale or arriving damaged because they come frozen.

Reorder Number: 1328594

Steelite Wabi Sabi in Indigo maintains the unrivaled combination of value and good looks while adding contemporary appeal to your tabletop.

Reorder Number: 1310269