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To inspire your menu innovation, look to our latest collection of on-trend products and culinary concepts that satisfy customers, bolster your bottom line and hone your competitive edge.

These products offer versatility and cross-utilization opportunities that keep costs low while delivering on guest expectations.

Made in Canada

This claim recognizes the importance of the value added by the Canadian processing industry to Canadian jobs and local economies.

Product of Canada

This claim indicates that all or virtually all major ingredients, processing and labour used to make the item are Canadian.

Featured Products

This shareable offers guests familiar flavour in an updated, miniaturized profile.

Reorder Number: 1346675

A combo of the global flavours and street food trends, this shareable brings Asian authenticity to any menu.

Reorder Number: 1346448

Prized for its versatility, this sauce holds beautifully on a steam table without separating.

Reorder Number: 1350219

Fun and deliciously craveable, these mini wontons round out a bar bites or shareables menu.

Reorder Number: 1346449

Build sales in the Asian category with these authentically-inspired shareables.

Reorder Number: 1346732

Boasting no artificial flavours or colours, these crab cakes are handmade and feature 100% blue swimming crab.

Reorder Number: 1341088

This spring roll makes a unique dessert when drizzled with strawberry sauce, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with sliced strawberries.

Reorder Number: 1328348

Full of filling and handcrafted, these Asian appetizers bring on-trend global flavour to your menu for minimal labour.

Reorder Number: 1328338

Combine our dim sums for an appetizer or sharing plate. Complement the flavors with soy sauce, ponzu or rice wine vinegar.

Reorder Number: 1328361

This is a perfect artisan-style sandwich carrier, with less crumb and a finer crust than other breads.

Reorder Number: 1333955

Authentically made, our Naan Round has a tender bite and boasts no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

Reorder Number: 1336561

Enjoy an artisan taste and long shelf-life without the labour or skill-set of a baker.

Reorder Number: 1335441

Inspired by a mango lassi smoothie, this cheesecake stands out with an on-trend, delicious profile.

Reorder Number: 1341090

Real ingredients makes these taste like an authentic French version without the skilled labour.

Reorder Number: 1328594

Made using real butter and ready to bake, these croissants taste like an authentic French version.

Reorder Number: 1328593

From scratch quality and real ingredients give these ready to bake croissants authentic French providence.

Reorder Number: 1328592

Piadina, a rustic Italian flatbread, is great for handhelds and bringing differentiation to your menu.

Reorder Number: 1336560

Made in the traditional British-style, with sponge cake and dates, these individual desserts are covered in toffee sauce.

Reorder Number: 1341088

Well-balanced and flavour-forward, this rub works well on most proteins but is especially great with pork, beef and poultry.

Reorder Number: 1343226

A coarse grind makes the flavours assertive—perfect for modern menu development and customized eating experiences.

Reorder Number: 1343244