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A Premium Sandwich Experience

From the first bite to the last, a better deli experience is out there.

At Brickman’s, we believe in quality, accessibility, and flavour. That’s why we offer an expanded selection of front-of-the-house deli products that elevate the sandwich experience, taste great, and make our operators and their customers happy too.

Quality & Transparency

All our of products are thoughtfully crafted using time-honoured techniques, and our ingredients are clearly communicated on our labels.

Bold, Distinct Flavour

Our dedication to strong, robust flavours creates an enhanced deli and sandwich experience that puts taste first.

Easy for Operators

With resealable packaging, pre-sliced options, and our convenient selection of pack-sizes that work for both big and small operations—our deli options are designed with the user in mind.


Not just for back-of-house, our products are packed in consumer-friendly packaging and supported by a merchandise program— providing versatile front-of-house value too.