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Fresh solutions for fresh produce

A full line of fresh fruits and vegetables packed exclusively for foodservice operators with a quality emphasis for a longer shelf-life and better yield.

A Step Ahead in Food Safety Standards

Markon takes tremendous pride in their 5-Star Food Safety® Audit Program. All Markon products are backed by a comprehensive program addressing safety at five crucial points in the production process:

  • Fields
  • Packing facilities
  • Transportation/trucking
  • Distributor warehouses
  • Foodservice kitchens


Ready-Set-Serve is a full line of table-ready fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices that are ready-to-use, innovative, and economical. Guaranteed quality, dependable yields, safety assurance, and fast, easy preparation are the hallmarks of the Ready-Set-Serve brand. All products are prepared and packaged for foodservice operators' specific needs and are 100% usable. 

  • Tight specifications
  • Daily facility inspections on key items
  • Consistent quality
  • Increased shelf-life
  • Reduces waste/disposal costs
  • Reliable yields
  • Easier portion control
  • Simple cost-per-serving calculation
  • Consistent plate presentation

Markon First Crop

Traditional, whole fruits and vegetables.

Markon First Crop includes traditional whole fruits and vegetables packed under strict specifications. You get the very best fresh produce available, day-in and day-out.

  • Tight specifications
  • Daily field inspections on key items
  • Shipped in recyclable, wax-free cartons for optimum freshness
  • Consistent quality
  • High yields

Peace of Mind

The 5-Star Food Safety Audit Program checks specifications and gathers information during inspections conducted at the five crucial points in the production process:


  • Third-party audits for Good Agricultural Practices
  • Detailed specifications
  • Daily inspections
  • Water testing

Grower/Shipping Facilities

Third-party audits for:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (Ready-Set-Serve Only)
  • Regular daily/weekly inspections by Markon staff


  • Temperature monitors on trucks

Distributor Warehouse

  • Dedicated quality assurance staff
  • Regulated warehouse temperature zones
  • Third-party inspections

Your Kitchen

  • Trace back to field level
  • "Best if used by" dates on all Ready-Set-Serve inner and outer packaging
  • Storage and handling information to help educate kitchen staff

Talk to a District Sales Representative to learn more about Markon products, or to Become a Customer, or use our service area locator to find a distribution centre near you.