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Premium coffees from around the world

Mosaic: An Exquisite Coffee Experience

Catching a whiff of the aroma. Wrapping hands around a cup. Enjoying that first taste, the last drip and every millimeter in between.

Drinking coffee is an experience, one you want your customers to savour. And with Mosaic, they will.

Mosaic coffee brings a curated selection of coffees from around the world to you and your customers. For daytime doers, sophisticated sippers and every other type of coffee drinker, Mosaic offers splendid flavours so you can make every sip extraordinary.

Drink in the benefits of Mosaic coffee

Coffee helps increase traffic, cross-sell other items, generate repeat customers and increase profits. With Mosaic, we can help you develop your own branded coffee program, complete with the tools and support you need, so you can do all that and more. Build your business and get a higher ROI than national franchise programs.

Quality with every cup

The Mosaic difference begins with our rigid quality process. Superb beans are inspected before they leave their country of origin and again once they arrive at the processing plant. They are roasted using a small-batch technique, get packaged and go through our proprietary gas-removal process, all of which help preserve flavour and ensures the freshest coffee. You get  confidence and consistency with every cup and your customers get a superb drink.

Mosaic Coffee Cafe

Right-fit coffee solution

Well-suited for restaurants, healthcare organizations and hospitality companies, Mosaic belongs wherever quality coffee is appreciated. Opportunities abound:

  • Restaurants: For fine dining restaurants to coffee houses and full-service to fast-casual operations, Mosaic coffee brings added enjoyment to every meal.
  • Healthcare: More than 6 in 10 meals served in healthcare are non-patient meals, where high quality is in demand. Whether sitting for a meal or not, people expect quality coffee. Satisfy with coffee bars, kiosks and brewing stations.
  • Hospitality: Coffee in dining areas can help guests ease into a busy day. Pre-packaged, in-room coffee kits, complete with to-go cups, enhance an enjoyable stay.

Mosaic is available as whole bean or ground and in pre-portioned packs or single-serve pods. This packaging assortment  provides consistency for your operation and helps you craft a coffee solution based on your needs and your customers’ preferences. 

Pour on the flavour

With flavour profiles ranging from a light Classic Roast to a rich Espresso Roast and regular to decaf, Mosaic coffee comes in a broad range of varieties to meet the discerning tastes of your customers. Fair trade, organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified are also available to help you meet your sustainability and stewardship goals, and customers’ growing interest in earth-friendly coffee.

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