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Trade East Spices & Seasonings

The Foundation of Flavour

The Foundation of Flavour

In every corner of the world, flavour is the heart of culture and cuisine. It’s infinite, expressive, and ever-evolving—just like you. So we searched high and low for the greatest flavours on earth, and carefully crafted them into hundreds of innovative and mouthwatering rubs, blends, fusions, and more that take your food (and your stories) boldly forward. Trade East offers over 100 of the finest spices, seasonings, rubs and blends, all MSG-free, so you can deliver authentic flavours of the world to your customers.

Milled and packaged to preserve quality

Trade East Spices & Seasonings are cryogenically milled. Cryogenic milling mitigates heat, moisture and light, three factors that can cause deterioration. Before milling, Trade East Spices & Seasonings are thoroughly cleaned and run through a stringent quality assurance process, ensuring only the most worthy ingredients are packaged. Each product is sealed to preserve flavour and aroma—the heart of the product. Each package has a tamper-evident seal to ensure safety and enhance shelf-life for quality you can count on time and time again.

Globally sourced

We source Trade East from over 25 countries. By sourcing globally, we obtain the finest quality ingredients from their primary point of origin and establish relationships with regional growers. We leverage those relationships to ensure our quality specifications are met so you get consistent, superior flavour and performance.

Options for every foodservice operation

Trade East offers a variety of flavours so you can meet today’s taste preferences and health-conscious demands while helping your foodservice operation stand out. The 100-plus products in our collection include:

  • Cuisine-oriented varieties (i.e., Italian, French, etc.)
  • Kitchen staples
  • Salt-free seasonings
  • Trend-forward rubs
  • Smoky solutions
  • Spicy selections
  • Globally infused options

Taste Trade East for yourself

Talk to your District Sales Representative about sampling a selection of Trade East Spices & Seasonings.