Our Produce Legacy

Bringing Our Passion for Produce to Your Table

We know you care about where your produce comes from and so do your customers. We share that same personal interest, so we’re opening up about the people, places and processes it takes to grow, harvest and deliver our produce.

Lasting partnerships with produce growers

For generations, we’ve been building relationships with farmers and growers across the country. Our aim is to find the best produce from people who truly care about what they do, because what they do translates to what you do. Those who know and respect the land and treat it with integrity.

Cultivating consistency

We partner with over 1,000 farms across North America. This widespread footprint allows us to take advantage of the best climate and growing conditions, so you consistently get the best produce. We even go so far as to work with our growers on the best picking times, like before the heat of the day, so everything is harvested at its peak.

Quality rooted in history

Back in the mid-1980s, most fresh produce growers were serving grocery stores. Paul Gordon recognized that the needs of food service distributors and food service operators were very different than the needs of grocery stores, so working with other like-minded distributors, he sought to establish a growers cooperative. 

Today, this cooperative is known as Markon. It is a cooperative that enable us to consistently source better quality fruits and vegetables. Markon has unparalleled food safety standards, thanks to their 5-Star Food Safety Audit Program, so you can feel great about putting their produce on your plates.

Preserving freshness

From the moment produce is loaded onto our delivery trucks to the time it arrives at your foodservice operation, we maintain cold chain integrity throughout every step of our distribution and warehousing process. 

We purchase fresh produce frequently and it’s turned quickly, with trucks picking up and delivering daily. Furthermore, our produce trucks are equipped with cellular temperature gauges that monitor temperature range and truck location in real-time.

Upon arrival at our distribution center, unloading fresh produce takes priority. Trucks pull into our cooler docks and the produce is properly stored as it is unloaded.

All of this adds up to fresh, quality produce you can consistently count on for your food service operation.

From fresh and frozen to canned and table-ready, we have a wide selection of fruits and vegetables to meet the needs of your menu.

When it comes to fresh produce, nothing matters more to you and your guests than quality, which is why you can count on Markon.

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