GFS Connect Menu+

Control Recipes and Menus

Use this powerful tool to manage your menus, track residents, and run a variety of reports to help streamline your operations. You’ll also gain access to valuable nutrition and costing insight on your menus, recipes, and products.

Robust Reporting

Scalable recipe yields, recipe books, production, costing, and nutritional information will help you better manage ingredients, recipes, and menus.

Recipe Management

Thousands of base recipes are available, with real-time pricing and automatic nutrition updates. You can also build recipes for your own operation when you need them.

Additional Healthcare Functionality

Menu Management

Universally add, remove, and exchange items from menus with ease. Share menus across facilities and easily track nutrition, cost, and compliance.

Resident Management

Manage residents’ height, weight, nourishment, preferences, and special dietary exceptions. Produce menu-driven tray tickets, snack tickets, and selective menus. Print tray card-driven production reports and diet census reports.

Let's Move Your Business Foward

We can collaborate with your business to find the custom tools and solutions that are right for your operation.