Gordon Inventory

Gordon Inventory will help foodservice operators understand the value of their inventory

Waste, spoilage, theft, and overstocking are all “hidden” food costs that can seriously impede a foodservice operation’s cash flow. Our new inventory management application, Gordon Inventory, will reduce these inventory problems and give customers better insight into their total food cost.

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Features and Benefits

  • Consistent, simple design like Gordon Ordering
    • The clean, simple intuitive design makes it easy to navigate and understand what to do next.
  • Developed with customer input
    • We listened to our customers and built it for them.
  • Import Custom Guide or Order Guide from Gordon Ordering
    • Setup your worksheet based on your Custom or Order Guide
  • Add custom items and suppliers.
    • Create Non-GFS Items and Suppliers for a full inventory value
  • Standard or custom count units
    • Count however you would like, by the candy bar, bag, tray, etc.  
  • Setup Sheet-to-shelf with drag and drop 
    • Drag and drop your item cards so your worksheet exactly mirrors your stock shelves. 
  • Count and Setup your worksheet on the same screen
    • No need to toggle between edit and count screens, it’s all in one place! 
  • Print worksheet
    • Print your worksheet so you can take inventory with a pen and paper.
  • Offline mode
    • If you lose internet connection, you can continue to count. 
  • Inventory Reporting
    • Run a variety of reports to understand your inventory value. 


Gordon Inventory Worksheet