Healthcare & Hospitality

Your Healthcare Food Service Experts

Gordon Food Service professionals have knowledge and experience in food service and nutrition. We offer timely information, operational insights, and dedicated support for our healthcare customers:

  • District Healthcare representatives provide customers with product information, training, and ongoing menu development and support.

  • Inside Sales Support Teams assist customers with order confirmations, issue of credits, and sourcing replacement products if necessary.  

  • Customer Care Representatives provide further assistance for customers. 

  • Registered dieticians and nutritionists provide nutrition, food safety, and menu management related support. 

Areas of healthcare expertise include: 

  • Beverages: Juice and coffee equipment, convenience products, menu development

  • Fresh produce: Thousands of product items including time-saving, “Just in Time” products. Other produce guides provide helpful hints on availability, storage, and handling. 

  • Protein: Portion control, grinding, cuts and product quality standards.

  • Small Wares & Equipment

  • Cleaning & sanitation: Wide range of ware-washing detergents, rinse aids, and sanitizer 

Specialized Products for Healthcare Needs

Our specialized product line includes those designed specifically for healthcare food service and special diet requirements including: 

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • Gluten-free products

  • Low-sodium and sodium-free products

  • Texture modified products (pureed, minced, thickened, etc). 

  • Trans-fat free and no MSG products

  • Vegetarian products

  • Lactose-free products

  • Low-sugar or sugar-free products

Trainings by Healthcare Experts

Our team of registered dieticians conducts regular customers trainings on food safety, staff productivity, and menu enhancement. Learn more about what we offer through the Nutrition Resource Centre

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Our catalogue of specialty dietary products include a variety of choices including thickened beverages, strained foods, diabetic supplements, dietary kits and more.

The Nutrition Resource Centre at Gordon Food Service is dedicated to providing customers with evidence based nutrition and food safety information.

Cycle Menu Management is an easy and economical tool to help control food and labour costs, get nutrition analysis, standardize quality and streamline production in your operation.

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