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Registered and Trademark Brand Names:

A celebration of taste and tradition.™
A la Carte™
A premium sandwich experience.™
Always at your table®
Amazing Selection. Exceptional Value.™
Authentic flavors of the world.®
Because life is meant to be savored
Best at Fresh®

Best price. Reliable quality.™
Black Angus Beef®
Camp Connection™
Café Pacific®
Chandlers Bay®
Clean Essentials™

Cleaning Consultation™
Convenient, homemade taste you can depend on.™
Crown Collection®
Custom Concepts™
Cycle Menu Management®
Davis Creek Meats & Seafood
Dip Its™
Disposables with distiction.™
Draft House®
Everyday Elements™
Exceptional beef. Extraordinary flavor.™
Exotic Express
Express Order™
Flat N Round™
Foodservice Pulse
Fresh Start Foods®
Fresh Start Produce®
Fry More®
Fun Funds…With GFS Marketplace
Fun Funds™
GFS Bistrot®
GFS Connect®
GFS Experience®
GFS Fry More®
GFS Gordon Food Service®
GFS Marketplace®
Good for you!®
Gordon Connect®
Gordon Experience™
Gordon Food Service®
Gordon Signature®
Gran Sazón®
Great for Schools™
Harvest Valley®
Healthcare Advantage
Home in a hurry®
Idea Kitchen™
Insider Info™
Inspirations that tantalize your senses.™
Intercity Custom Meats
Inventory Manager™
Italian from the heart.™
Kitchen Essentials®
Local made easy®
LTO Direct™
Making the Grade™
Menu Wizard™
Natural Choice
Nature's finest fruit juices.™
Next Course®
Nutrition Guide™
Our best selection and value.™
PoP Analytics
Power of Participation™
Premium Angus Beef®
Premium coffees from around the world™
Primo Gusto
Products with a Conscience™
Rapid Alert™
Ready Fresh®
Real people, real savings™
Recipe Manager™
Service alimentaire Gordon®
Service isn’t just part of our name … it is what we do.™
Serving Seniors™
Sienna Bakery®
Snapshot Menu™
Specialty Diet Express™
The essence of fresh flavors.™
The Essential Edge™
The high-performance cleaning system.™
The Main Ingredient™
The perfect way to crown your meal.™
This Just In™
Tools of the Trade™
Toujours a votre table™
Trade East®
Trash Talk™
Uncompromising quality. Distinctive taste.™
What Matters to You, Matters to Us®
Your host®