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Menu Development: What You Need to Consider

Culinary trends, business trends and customer feedback should always be top of mind, but they become critical pieces of information when developing or changing your menu.
Menu Development

Menu development requires a bit of mining. What you’re digging for are details on culinary trends, business trends and customer feedback. Sifted through your brand and menu goals, these key considerations can start to inform your menu strategy.

But which culinary trends should make the cut? What business trends are most likely to impact your menu? And where should you go for customer feedback? Like any good miner, knowing where to look is just as important as knowing what you’re looking for. So we did some initial digging to save you a lot of the dirty work.

Menu Development

To best position your new or refined menu for success, you need to blend the information you’ve collected with your brand and the goals you established for your menu. This mix will encourage customers to spend their dollars on your menu, because it’ll offer them something that they can’t get anywhere else. And that’s when you know you’ve struck gold.

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