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Our Ontario division became one of our first Canadian locations in 1994, when we purchased Maple Leaf Food Service in Ontario and Quebec. We’ve since combined with other provincial food service distributors to become an even larger presence in the Ontario marketplace. Today, we deliver quality products and solutions to customers in all parts of the province, from downtown Toronto to the northern reaches of the province.

Customer Resources

We strive to help you operate your business more effectively. Our Customer Resource Team is here to help deliver the choices of resources you need, the moment you need them. An advisor will coordinate the team’s resources to help you and your District Sales Representative develop a customized plan addressing the unique challenges you face. Some of our value-added services include: Menu Analysis and Development, Front of House Training, Back of House Analysis/Workshop, Food Safety Training, Kitchen Layout and Design, Market Trends, Human Resource Seminars, Secret Shopper, and Equipment Efficiency Analysis.
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David Evans – Corporate Chef

Let our Corporate Chef, David Evans, help you with all your culinary challenges—from preparation techniques and cooking tips, to plate presentations and recipes. Chef David is here to listen to your needs and help you find an easy, effective solution for your establishment. He can help you promote the sale of high-demand/high-margin items, introduce new items that fit your concept, and much more. Enjoy customized support from an industry expert.
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Scott McDeivitte – Food Service Advisor

Rely on Senior Food Service Advisor Scott McDeivitte for assistance with your operational challenges, including menu development, staff training, cost controls, food safety training, market trends, and mystery shopper programs. His "Fresh Eyes" approach and experience will support you by providing practical solutions to your people, product, and profitability goals.
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Category Leaders and Specialists

Our category experts are another value-added service that we can offer your business. They will help you with your culinary challenges, whether it be preparation techniques, cooking tips, plate presentation, or even product education. They bring to you expert knowledge in different fields—protein, dairy, produce, beverages, disposable, grocery, frozen, or kitchen equipment and smallwares—as well as the determination to really listen to you and help you find a solution that works for your business.
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Ontario Local Products

We know that local sourcing is important to you and your customers – and we are committed to offering you product that is born, raised, slaughtered, processed, or grown in Ontario. We’re working with the Ontario Greenbelt Foundation to expand our local program beyond our current list of 600+ products, primarily in the produce, dairy, and protein categories. When you purchase local product through us, you can count on our high standards of food safety and traceability, as well as the support of a dedicated Local Product team.
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2999 James Snow Parkway North
Milton, Ontario L9T 5G4

Email: ont-info@gfs.ca 
Toll Free: (800) 268-0159
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TTY to TTY:  (800) 855-1155
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