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A Light Touch

Pepper Mill Grapefruit Blush

This refreshing vinaigrette boasts top notes of grapefruit, lending that welcome citrus punch to salads and marinades. With diners continuing to look for better-for-you options, our Grapefruit Blush Vinaigrette with grapefruit top notes makes this dressing a great complement to delicate salad greens, avocado, and fresh grapefruit or orange segments.

Pepper Mill Grapefruit Blush Vinaigrette

3.78L, 2/Case | 0010620868180507

  • Fresh
  • Labour Savings
  • Cross Utilization
  • Plus-One Application
  • On Trend

Dress for Success

  • Use as a marinade for shrimp or chicken
  • Dress delicate greens
  • Top citrus fruit for a savoury finish
  • Add a bright citrus splash to a cold noodle salad

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