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Second to Naan

Sienna Bakery Naan Bites

Global flatbreads have been making menu moves for a few years now, and diners are embracing them in modern sandwich builds, global bar bites, hearty sides, and more. Naan, an Indian flatbread with a pleasing chewy texture and rich flavour, offers a lot of menu potential. We’ve tapped into its popularity and versatility, making these miniaturized Naan Bites, fully cooked, frozen, and ready to serve. Made with buttermilk and ghee, these mini breads are perfect for dipping, topping, and snacking. Serve them at room temperature or warmed up—they maintain their texture and tenderness extremely well, even after being exposed to air for some period of time.

Sienna Bakery Naan Bites

Frozen, 1.75 kg, 2/case | 0010620868179525

  • Premium Quality
  • Ready to Use
  • Fresh
  • On-Trend
  • Versatile

Naan Starters

  • Use for mini pizzas or flatbreads
  • Serve with on-trend dips and spreads
  • Add them to your bread service, brushed with butter and grilled

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