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Amazing selection. Exceptional value.

You put your name on the line each day you open your doors for business. When your customers come through those doors they expect a positive experience every time—attentive staff, quality food, and good value for their dining dollar.

GFS Brand Products

We understand. That's why we developed the GFS brand. More than 4,000 products carry the brand name and each one plays a part in exceeding the expectations of your customers.

Consistent Quality

As food and prep costs increase, the challenge to maintain consistency can seem overwhelming. GFS brand products are an ideal solution. They offer dependable, consistent performance. Our brand quality is as good or better than similar national brand products, and our competitive pricing makes them a superior value.

Our brand is more than a label. It is a commitment to quality products, value, and service. GFS brand products are backed by people who know the foodservice business—people who know what it takes to deliver a quality product on time, how to provide useful advice, and why it is important to always be on call for their customers.

Fresh Ideas

When you want to give your customers something different—something more, something that will give them reason to remember you, our brand products provide answers. Choose from an array of customer-pleasing options, from enticing appetizers to delectable desserts.

Readily Available and Bilingual Packaging

GFS brand products are always readily available. Smart pricing and a wide variety of options assure that you always get exactly what you need. In addition, easy-to-follow, bilingual packaging provides back-of-house efficiency.

Talk to a District Sales Representative to learn more about Gordon Signature products, or to Become a Customer, or use our service area locator to find a distribution centre near you.