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Created with an emphasis on accuracy, ease of implementation, and most of all great flavours, our recipes are designed to give you a competitive edge in menu innovation.

Add these savoury recipes to your regular menu or offer them as specials and limited-time offer menus. To learn more about our recipes and other culinary resources, contact us on our Become a Customer page.

Healthy Cuisine, Bold Flavors


Chefs are getting creative with produce, the new hero of the center of the plate. Using fresh ingredients, they create colorful, veg-centric dishes dining consumers are craving. Bill Barker demonstrates how to make the Garden Vegetable Club Sandwich, one of the many healthy and flavorful recipes featured in our 2015 Calendar. 

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Bacon Popcorn

Fresh popped popcorn topped with a savoury bacon butter.

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Ricotta Fritters

Ricotta and Parmesan cheese, garlic, onion and panko breadcrumbs combine for a creamy, satisfying snack.

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Cherry Tomato Caprese Skewers

Char-grilled cherry tomatoes, drizzled with pesto and served with melted mozzarella cheese.

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Tuscan Vegetable Dip

Sautéed mushrooms, cream cheese, garlic, hot sauce and artichoke heart combine for a zesty, creamy taste. Garnish with diced tomato, green onions and cheddar cheese.

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