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Technology Solutions

We know that you’re always looking for ways to run a seamless operation, and our online resources are designed to help you manage your day-to-day business details anytime, anywhere. With just a computer and access to the Internet, you can place and view orders, run reporting, access a storehouse of valuable industry information, and take advantage of many other resources.

These tools are available to you, without the need to download any software.

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GFS Connect Ordering

Ordering with GFS Connect is simple and fast - allowing you to get in, place your order with confidence and get back to running your business.

GFS Connect Mobile

Place orders online, view transaction history, review invoices and billing summaries any time, anywhere on your mobile device. 

GFS Connect Inventory Manager

Manage your inventory, organize stock locations for maximum efficiency, assign multiple inventory units of measure, and evaluate your inventory costs anytime, anywhere.

GFS Connect Menu+

Healthcare facilities can manage individual recipes and menus for each patient based on dietary needs as well as the menus for their cafeteria. 

GFS Connect Integration

Business-to-business operations to improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of operations. 

Delivery ETA Text Alerts

Delivery ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is a text message alert that provides delivery tracking right on your cellphone whenever you need it.

Online Payment
Online Payment

Online Payment allows our customers the ease of paying online with other great features.