GFS Connect Inventory Manager

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In your fast-moving kitchen, saving time means doing more. Manage your inventory, organize stock locations for maximum efficiency, assign multiple inventory units of measure, and evaluate your inventory costs anytime, anywhere.

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  • Optimize the app to match the layout of your operation.
  • Create and maintain a digital record of  your actual food cost.
  • Return potentially thousands of dollars to your bottom line. 
  • Multiple users can count simultaneously.

Easy Setup

  • Create custom storage locations and product categories.
  • Drag-and-drop feature to organize count stock locations.
  • Assign products to multiple stock locations.
  • Easily update and manage inventory across smartphone, tablet, or web.


  • Real-time Gordon Food Service pricing. 
  • Incorporate outside distributors, products and purchases.
  • Generate suggested orders based on par levels.
  • Scan bar codes for quick searching and inventory entry.
  • Enable Offline Mode to count inventory in areas with no connection.


  • Generate Inventory Valutation and Cost of Good Reports.
  • Email and export reports in PDF/Excel formats.
  • Track all inventory and purchases for multiple accounts in one tool.

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