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GFS Connect Menu+ Recipe Manager Demo

We are excited to introduce GFS Connect Menu+ for non-Healthcare. This program will allow you to input the recipes from your menu to automatically generate a basis for costing your menu and generate the nutritional content for your customers.


  • Recipe pricing- displays food cost information for recipes based on the ingredients you enter. 
  • Ability to create menu items by combining different recipes on one plate.
  • Nutrition Breakdown for Menus and Recipes- complete nutrition profiles of menus and recipes.

Easy Setup

  • Web based program easily accessible from any computer anywhere.
  • Create multiple users under one account.
  • Control users ability to edit recipes based your business roles.

These webinars will focus on the Menu+ application for non-healthcare customers. If you are a healthcare customer and also wish to utilize cycle menu planning and resident management, please email our Canadian Nutrition Resource Centre at for a more specialized demo.

New webinar dates will be posted soon.


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