Healthcare Food Service Expertise

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Gordon Food Service Healthcare/Hospitality provides you with the right products and value-added programs to meet the needs of your foodservice operation.

National Dedicated Healthcare Team

Gordon Food Service professionals have knowledge and experience in foodservice and nutrition. Gordon Food Service offers timely information, operational insight, and dedicated support. Our healthcare team includes:

District Healthcare Representatives: Provides customers with product information, training, and ongoing menu development and support.

Inside Sales Support Team: Assists customers with order confirmations, issuing of credits, and sourcing replacement products if necessary.

Customer Care Representatives/Coordinators: Provides further assistance for customers. 

Registered Dietitians and Nutritionist: Provides nutrition, food safety, and menu management related support.

Product Offering

Gordon Food Service’s extensive product line includes those designed specifically for healthcare foodservice and special diet requirements such as:

  • Trans fat free and no MSG products 
  • Nutrition Supplements 
  • Vegetarian products 
  • Lactose-restricted products 
  • Low-sugar or sugar-free products 
  • Gluten-free products 
  • Low-sodium or sodium-free products 
  • Texture-modified products (puréed, minced, thickened, etc.

Specialized Marketing

From category specialists to corporate chefs, the following Gordon Food Service professionals and programs provide creative solutions to food service operation challenges.

Category Specialists

Beverage: Juice and coffee equipment, programs, convenience products.

Fresh Produce: Thousands of product items including time-saving Just In Time products. Best at Fresh Produce Guide provides helpful hints on availability, storage, and handling.

Protein: Portion control, grading, cuts, and product quality standards.

Small Wares & Equipment: Tools of the Trade Guide, Building and Design.

Cleaning & Sanitation: Wide range of ware washing detergents, rinse aids, and sanitizer.

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Keeping them healthy starts with finding all the tools and information to make a difference in their lives. Explore the NEW Idea Centre today.

GFS Connect Menu+ for Healthcare
Designed specifically for healthcare facilities, GFS Connect Menu+ offers additional cost savings and compliance related features to the already powerful GFS Connect Suite. This tool allows you to manage recipes, menus, and inventory in order to address the needs of facilities and the individual dietary needs of every resident.
Nutrition Resource Centre
Staffed by our team of knowledgeable Registered Dietitians, the Nutrition Resource Centre is the ultimate source for nutritional and food safety expertise for food service operations.

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