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Poutine aux palourdes

Recette inspirante de poutine aux saveurs de la mer.

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All the diversity in ingredients you’d need for traditional and authentic Chinese dishes. Order today from order.gfs.com. #hotpot
The cauliflower trend is still here and here to stay. Replace any meat protein with this versatile veg and spice away!
How do you take your grilled cheese up a notch? Share your applications with us in the comments! 🍞🧀⬇️
Simple ingredients, outstanding flavour, enough said. 😏
This rustic mushroom risotto is the ultimate comfort food. A zesty kick of citrusy lemon breaks through the heavier flavours.
Rat-a-tat-tat-ouille! Our vegan bolognese sauce packs a little extra protein into this traditionally plant-based French-inspired dish.
Jump on the trend wagon! Wagyu Beef Katsu Sando puts a high-end spin on the original convenience store trend coming from Japan.
Recipe at: www.gfs.ca/en-ca/ideas/recipe/wagyu-beef-katsu-sando
Versatile, but classic. Our NEW Westcoast Sourdough Bun is perfect for breakfast fare or a classic burger. Fun-sized eggs in a basket are our favourites! We know there’s no classic quite like a poutine dish. How about taking a seaside spin with this clam chowder poutine?

Full recipe at: www.gfs.ca/clam-chowder-poutine Ready for some weekend brunchin’? Smoked salmon, lox, bagels, fresh fruits and veggies. Need we say more?
You feta believe it - poppable tapas with charred feta and herbs on halved baby cherry tomatoes.
Say say say, hey hey caprese. Said let’s get one thing straight now, hey hey. Tell, tell us if you love it or not, love it or not. 🎶🍅🍴