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Hearty breakfast bowls are a trend that we don’t see going away. Sweeten up the deal with a drizzle of honey and some bright summer berries. There’s something about a simple, yet scrumptious breakfast sandwich stack. 🍳 Are you ready to meet your customers’ meat preferences? Don’t sweat it, we’re there for you & we’ve already jumped on the plant-based protein bandwagon!
Spice up your main proteins with @ch4chefs Brazilian Seasoning! Melt. In. Your. Mouth. Good.
Prep for that dinner rush or tomorrow’s brunch rush with Mosaic coffee. All. Day. Long.
There’s something about Mother’s Day and brunch that bring together perfect pairings. Celebrate this weekend at your favourite restaurant, just for Mom! 💐
#Instatrend alert! Herbed mayo with crispy, crunchy fries, all served in an eco-friendly disposable cone. Sign. Us. Up!
Beet Cured Salmon & Seeded Rye Crackers. Yup. Just BEET it.
Noodle bowls chock full of colour, flavour, fresh veggies, and sustainable shrimp. Eat good, feel good. 🍤🍜
Not your regular chips and dips shareable. Bring your appetizers to another level with tuna poké chips and dip. Good to the last scoop!
Trend Alert! Authentic, ethnic cuisine: hand-crafted. Veggie Dim Sum? Veggie Yum!
Tostada flight? Don’t mind if we do.
Tuna poké, beer-battered haddock, and grilled shrimp. Sustainable seafood, shareable snacking.